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This website was created to show my collection of match worn Liverpool shirts, and other collectable football memorabilia.

Robbie FowlerI am a keen collector of items related to Liverpool football club, especially match worn shirts, and believe I have one of the best collections in the world.

The shirts I have collected start from the late 60's until present day, worn by the likes of Emlyn Hughes, and Kenny Dalglish to Robbie Fowler, and Steven Gerrard.

I don't just collect shirts - I collect match programme's, football boots, and anything deemed to be collectable. So if you have anything genuine that you think I would be interested in please send me an email or fill in my form on the Contact page.

I also have a good range of England collectable's, and other International team shirts.

If you are interested in purchasing any particular Liverpool football shirts, just send me an email, and I will get back to you.

I have feature in 6 issues with steven gerrard LFC magazine him wearing my winning european cup final shirts i have done 2 page feature 2006 FA cup final in the liverpool echo pictures of my final shirts and around 80% of the pictures used in the book Tops of the Kops were from my collection. I am also the only football shirt website to feature on LFCtv Kop10.


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